Mitigate Stress Routine
Mitigate Stress Routine
Mitigate Stress Routine

Mitigate Stress Routine

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If you were like us before, you most likely do not have a solid foundation for your health & fitness. You have probably tried many exercise routines and diets, which yield results for a short period only to keep you looking for alternatives later down the road. Everything around us promotes vanity driven results while disregarding human physiology and optimal metabolic function. Anyone can quickly lose weight, work hard and achieve a better looking body. Over many years of working with thousands of clients we have come to realization that this approach is deceiving and actually degrades your health even further over time.

Our Program is simple, we focus on reducing toxic stressors from chemical, emotional and physical sources, while inducing healthy stressors that optimize your nutrition, environment, movement and even emotional patterns, which all of these that have been dysfunctionally engraved into your life since the day you were born.

Nutrition - With our program we focus on real nutrients from food that supports a healthy metabolism and nervous system rather than stressing your already burdened nervous system even further, while giving you freedom and flexibility with your busy lifestyle.

Movement - We focus on building a foundational routine that involves movements and exercises that respect the natural gait cycle and postural connections FIRST and foremost. We do this with deep-tissue trigger-point release sessions followed up with postural correctives and movements that respect biomechanical performance.

Environment - There are many environmental stressors that most of us are completely unaware of, but sometimes exposure with this kind of stress can be the most detrimental. Whether it be your lighting, air quality, dirty electricity, EMF exposure or perhaps 

Emotional - We also focus on emotional and spiritual stressors, whether it is how you react to others, lie, gossip, negative self-talk or whatever it may be. These continuous behavioral and emotional patterns affect our physiology on a systemic level, from our chemical, emotional and physical processes this can be the most overlooked, yet toxic habits that could be blindsiding you from acheiving a balanced stress response.

The Foundational Fitness Program is designed to provide you a clear and solid foundation that you will continually review and apply for life. This is not just a 90-day program. If you are missing one or more of the components within our program, you will never reach optimal health & performance. That’s the key with building the foundation, we focus on lowering your stress response while increasing your performance on a systemic level through practical application.

Our program is continually being updated and optimized to achieve a more user friendly, effecient, yet results driven & efficacious program. We are here to assist you on your health and fitness journey.

Overview of our Program.

  1. Trigger Pointing (aka myofascial release)
  2. Corrective Exercises (focusing on gait cycle, posture, walking & throwing)
  3. Walking
  4. Proper Breathing 
  5. Posture Performance Workout Program
  6. Anti-Stress Supplementation
  7. Anti-Stress Nutrition Habits
  8. Anti-Stress Lifestyle Choices
  9. Stats & Feedback Mechanisms
  10. Example Day-in-the-life
  11. Recipe Book

IF answering YES to any of these questions below, this program is for you!

  • Want to lower stress hormones & eliminate fatigue?
  • Ready to move pain-free & experience boundless energy?
  • Feel like you are stuck in a stressed, anxious, or fear state?
  • Do you wake up not feeling fully refreshed and rested?
  • Ready to reduce body fat & build a strong posture without excessive exercise?
  • Tired of feeling bloated, constipated, and acidic within the gut?

Check out the video attached above to learn more in detail what is included!

This program is constantly evolving, being updated and new things added into it. Once you invest, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to it and have 24/7 email support to contact Nick & Nathan for any questions and request you may need to suit your specific lifestyle and goals.